Fraser Brown – Vineyard Manager


Situated in the picturesque Waihopai Valley, the vineyards unique location on the natural river terraces sets it apart from other Marlborough vineyards. Elevated above sea level and with an awe-inspiring, often snowcapped, mountain backdrop, the vineyard faces north towards the Marlborough Sounds. Most years, following harvest, the vineyard will get a light dusting and in heavier snow years a skier or two have been spotted weaving down the rows.

The renowned 45 hectare property, originally known as ‘The Wattles’, was once an iconic Waihopai farm.  Later it became the award winning Serendipity Olive Grove and is now planted in 32 hectares of quality producing grapevines.

The transformation into a well respected vineyard began about 8 years ago. The differing soil profiles across the property and the favourable climate meant several different varieties could be planted and would thrive.  The free draining soils on the flat river terraces ideally suiting Sauvignon Blanc and the heavy clay based soils on the ridges perfect for the Pinot Gris and Pinot Noir varieties.  The success of these varieties has led to the latest development on the vineyard, the introduction of the Chardonnay variety.

In addition to producing top quality crops the vineyard has a homely feel.  Sheep graze the creek beds, dogs chase the chickens, and ducks swim on the pond.  The remoteness of the property has meant the occasional visit from wild deer and that possums in the rafters provide the entertainment for our ‘shearing shed dinner parties’. The property is primarily a vineyard but is so much more…

The Sound of White vineyard – home to Catalina Sounds.

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